Faculty Vitae

Dr. Mahdi Nsaif Jasim

1-2009-20012  PhD Computer Science / College of Science /  University of Babylon.

2-1997- 1999    MSc. Computer Science / College of Science /  University of Babylon.

3-1984-1988    BSc. Computer Science / College of Science /  University of Basrah.

Operating System      

Object Oriented Programming

Computer Architecture

Web-based Programming and Network Databases

Database Systems

Web-Graphic Design

Computer Programming Language Compilers

GIS-Based Systems

1988-1991 Team leader for business and administration applications in Iraqi Atomic Energy commission (IAEC)

 1992-1996 Senior programmer and team leader of industry support software systems in IAEC

1999-2003 Section manager of industry and engineering application in IAEC.

2003-2006 Head of Department of Image processing and GIS application in the Ministry of Science and Technology

2006-2007  Senior programmer for industry support applications in IraqQlobal Company (Private company)

2007-2009  Junior lecturer and senior programming team leader in the University of Babylon

2009-20011 Consultant software developer for university automation systems in the University of Babylon

20013-20014 Head of information network department College of Information Technology /University of Babylon

2014-2018      Vice Dean for management and finance affairs / College of IT / University of Babylon

2018  -               now Head of the department of Scholarships and Cultural relations /University of Information                                                 Technology and Communications.

1- Thanking letter from the minister of higher education and scientific research

2- More than 15 thanking letter from the chancelor  of the Babylon University

3-  5 Scientific conferences participation awards


Head of the department of scholarships and cultural relations

1- 2009 Design and implementation of railways recording and errors detection wagon,   8th scientific   conference  of college of science –                      Babylon University.

2- 2011   The Second Scientific Conference held at University of Babylon, Al-Hilla, Babil, Iraq. New GIS Tools  reduce the GIS Software                           and enhance its portability.  

3- 2011   Geometrical similarities of GIS shapefile objects ,First  scientific conference  on computer and its  applications , University of                           Basrah.

4-2012    New Graph mining algorithm for GIS systems, 8th ICCM -IEEE conference Seoul, South Korea

5-2014   Journal University of Babylon For Pure &Applied Science, 2014, A GIS Assesment of Water Quality in Euphrates River/Iraq 

6- 2015   Journal University of Babylon For Pure &Applied Science, 2015, vol.7 Integrating the Degree-Days Model and Google Maps to                         Monitor Dubas Bug Activity in Some Agricultural Regions in Iraq. 

7- 2016   Journal of College of Science University of  Kerbalaa  , 2015, Monitoring the Spatial Distribution of Pests Growth in Iraq Using                         Spatial Analysis and Degree Days Models.

8-2016   Asian journal of science and technology, Malaysia,A WEB-BASED SYSTEM TO ENHANCE STUDENTS’ ABILITIES IN ENGLISH                   EDUCATION.

9-2018   journal of Engineering and Applies Sciences, Medwell publications, Malaysia, Web services based on software defined sensor                           networks, vol. 8 , issue 12, pages 6390-6394.

Supervising one PhD student

          and Three MSc. students