Faculty Vitae

Hassan Muayad Ibrahim

Bachelor's Degree  of Software Engineering - Baghdad College of Economics Sciences University 2009 .

Master Degree of Internetworking Technology - Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka  2018.

2011-2016  :  Trainer in (Training and development Department) - Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics (ICCI)

2016-Now  :  Trainer in  Development and Continuing Education Center - University of Information Technology and Communications - Iraq and lecturer.

2019 : Laboratory Lecturer (E-Commerce Using Wordpress) / University of Information Technology and Communications 

2008-2009   :  Maintenance Engineer for personal computer and internet, in AL Jawhara company and Mesopotamia Investment Company

2009-2010    :  Technical Support Supervisor in ManafSoft Company in Baghdad for Accounting, Portfolio, and Brokerage