Faculty Vitae

Ahmed Raheem Abdulnabi Al-Khuzaie

BSc .in Control Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.

MSc. in Electronics and Communications Engineering, University Tenaga National, Selangor, Malaysia.

    • Digital Logic Design.
    • Programming Fundamentals Using C++ (Lab).
    • Data Communication and Networking (Lab).
    • Advanced Networking (Lab).
    • Advanced methods in business analytics (Lab).
    • Quantitative analysis in business (Lab).

[1]       “Improving Bacterial Foraging Algorithm Using Non-uniform Elemination-Disparsal Probability Distribution”, Alexandria Engineering Journal, Elsevier Publisher, 2018.

[2]       “PID Controller Design for Cruise Control System using Particle Swarm Optimization”, Iraqi Journal for Computers and Informatics (IJCI), 2017.

[3]       “Intelligent Controller for Monitoring Vehicles at the Roads”, Al-Nahrain Journal for Engineering Science, 2017.

[4]       “Study of the Effects of Traffic Distribution in a Smart Metering Meshed RF Wireless Network”, National Graduate Conference 2012 (NatGrad2012).