Faculty Vitae

Dalia Abdul-Hadi Abdul Ameer Al-Ubaidi

Medical Data Mining: Health Care Knowledge Discovery Framework Based On Clinical Big Data Analysis

DAH AbdulAmeer

International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications 5 (7)

Anywhere on-keyboard password technique

DAHA Ameer, AA Al-Absi, AO Mohammed, AMM Habbal, S Hassan

Research and Development (SCOReD), 2010 IEEE Student Conference on, 159-163

Arabic Text Classification: An Improved Model using New Relations-Based Features

AT Abdulameer, IS Ahmed, DA Abdulamee

Journal of Education/ Wasit 1 (27), 455-472

The Effect of Using Information Systems on the Quality of E-Registration in Accommodation Centers: Experimental Study

EJ Hadi, KZ Oudah, DA Abdulameer

Al-Mustansiriya Journal of Arts 75, 1-27