Faculty Vitae

First name: Dalya Samer Ismaiel

Surname: Al-Dulaimy

Address: Iraq- Baghdad

Nationality: Iraqi

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 01September1986

E-mail: daliadelaimy86@uoitc.edu.iq

[2004 – 2008] BSc. In Computer Science Baghdad University/ College of Science/ Computer Science Department

[2013 – 2015] MSc. In Information Technology Cankaya University/ College of Science Ankara- Turkey

[2008 – 2013]  work as a computer maintenance engineer in the depatment of computers and devices at ICCI ( Iraqi Commission for  Computers and Informatics)

                               I taught and gave courses for computer maintenance and computer components.

[2015 – 2016 ...]  work as a lecturer in UOITC (University of Information Technology and Communication)

                                I taught courses in the Practical Labs ( C++, FIS, HTML, DB and Python)

 I taught IC3 course in ICCI , 2012