Faculty Vitae

Dr. Itimad Raheem Ali Al-Rubaye

  1. B.sc. of Computer Science/ Al- Nahrain University/Baghdad/Iraq
  2. Master of Computer Science/Al- Nahrain University/Baghdad/Iraq

3. Ph.D Computer Science /University Technology Malaysia (UTM)/ Malaysia/ Awarded March 2016 with honors.

  1. Part Time Al-Nahrain University in the lab of computer science, 1999.
  2. Full Time in Al-Rafidain University at the Software engineering department, Lecturer, 2000-2014.
  3. Uruk University for four months in at the Communication department of Engineering Faculty, Lecturer, 10/9/2015-21/12/2016.

4. Full Time in University of information technology and communications at SIM department, Lecturer, 2016-2018.

  1. Senior programmer in Magicx center in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 2014-2015.
  2. Member in the Collage of Political Science Council Secretariat of Al-Nahrain University.
  1. Al-Rafidain University, Teaching Methods, 2006.
  2. UTM, Professional Courses of Hands-on Workshop for Augmented Reality Technology, 2014.
  3. UTM, 10th Postgraduate Annual Research Seminar (PARS), 2014.
  4. UTM, 5th International Graduate Conference on Engineering, Science and Humanities, 2014.
  5. UTM, International Conference on Interactive Digital Media, 2012.

1-Humanity of Iraq Organization

2- Iraqi’s  Women Organization

  1. FIQH, Science and Technology Seminar 2012.
  2. 9th International Conference on Cognitive Science Kuching, Sarawak, 2013.
  3. Hands-on Workshop for Augmented Reality Technology, 2014.
  4. 10th Postgraduate Annual Research Seminar (PARS), 2014. 
  5. 2nd Annual National Conference on New Trends in Information & Communication Technology Applications (NTICT 2017).
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