Faculty Vitae

Jaafar A. Aldhaibani

2011-2014  Ph.D. / Communication Engineering– Computer and communication Engineering School / University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)- Malaysia-2014.

1999-2002 M.Sc. / Electrical Engineering. / University of Technology- Iraq- 2002.

1990-1994 B.Sc. / Electrical Engineering.  / University of Technology- Iraq-1994.


-2002-2003: A heat of wireless communication Dep. – Al Melad Company

- 2015-2017 :A heat of communication Networks Dep. / Ministry of Science and Technology 

- 2018 to now :A heat of mobile  communications and Computing Engineering, at UOITC.

Academic Experience:

- 2009-2010 Lecturer at University of at University of Baghdad, College of Engineering.

- 2015-2016 Lecturer at Alrafidain University College




  1. Design and Implementation of GSM and Tetra sites in Iraq, Baghdad, 
  2. Design the frequency allocations and RF planning of cellular sites in Iraq    
  3. Experiences in Mobile Communication and  Cellular Networks (3G,4G).
  4. Design and Implementation of UHF, VHF, HF Transceiver.
  5. System engineer and field engineer in Motorola Company of Communication.
  6.  Design and Implementation of Auto-tuning antenna units.
  7. Design and implementation microwave links of cellular and Tetra Networks.

1- 2011  Certificate from Motorola Company of Communication.

2- 2005  Certificate from ATDI Company for RF planning of wireless sites in Beirut  

3- 2013  Certificate from Maxis Company for wireless sites in Malaysia

4- 2010  Certificate from Computers Center for CISCO Course

5- 2014 Certificate from Hindawi Publishing Corporation

6- 2016 Certificate from China Communication Journal



1- Reviewer in Journal of Communication, Scopus

2- Reviewer in The Scientific World Journal, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Scopus.

3- Reviewer in China Communication Journal, Impact factor 0.36 ISI and Scopus.

4- Reviewer in Reviewer in Journal of Applied Science and Engineering

1- 2014  EXSPO REKACIPTA & PENYELIDIKAN UniMAP Poster  “A Novel Approach  Of Balancing Transmitted Power  For Moving Relay Node (MRN) In  LTE-A Cellular Networks, (Silver Medal)

2- 2013  ITEX 2013 “A new Approach to increase the coverage and spectral efficiency for LTE-A (4G) Cellular Network” (Silver Medal) Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

3- 2013i-ENVEX-2012, EKSPO REKACIPTA DAN PAMERAN PENYELIDIKAN  “A Novel -approach to enhance coverage and throughput in LTE-A (4G) Network , (Silver  Medal) , Malaysia, Perlis




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Matthews Chose, Synthesis and Analysis of the Dielectric Loaded Triple-mode Filter for Mobile Applications, Botswana International University of Science and Technology.