Faculty Vitae

Mais A. Mohammed Jawad

M.Sc. in Computer Science\ ICCI\ Informatics Institute for Postgraduate Studies, July, 2012.

B.Sc. from Baghdad University\college of science\ computer science department, 2002.

lecturer at Al-Turath University in the following departments: October 2013 – February 2016, Full time

1- computer science dept. (image processing\ 4th class, architecture \3rd class, microprocessor 8085 & 8086 \2nd class)

2- management dept. (microsoft Excel Lab\2nd class,fundamentals of computer\1st class) morning and evening study

3- english dept. (fundamentals of computer\1st class)

4- law dept.(fundamentals of computer\1st class)  morning and evening study

  • UOITC University, Assistant Teacher, February 2016 – present, Full Time.

assist lecture in business informatics college

1- Accounty cycle lab, Web system and technology Lab, System analysis and design Lab \ 1st class

2- Database Management System, Database Management System Lab\ 2nd class

3- Customer Relation Management Lab\3rd class

4- Software Development, Software Development Lab, Total Quality Management Lab\ 4th class 

  • Work as programmer at Saad State Co., Ministry of Construction & Housing 2002-2009.
  • ISO course.
  • AutoCad course.
  • Environmental and occupational safety course.
  • Oracle PL\SQL language.
  • sql developer
  • Visual studio 2013 (ASP.net)
  • HTML
  • microsoft office

1- certificate of participation in NTICT 2017 conference.

2- certificate of participation in methods of teaching section.

3- certificate of participation in E-learning section.



1- Letter of thanks from the Mr. President of the university, 22 January 2018

2- Letter of thanks from the Dean of the College, 24 May 2016

3- Letter of thanks from the Dean of the College, 3 march 2018

4- Letter of thanks from the Dean of the College, 11 july 2018

5- Letter of thanks from the Dean of the College, 18 july 2018


  • Chairman of the committee for preparation of the administrative working directory, 27 March   2016.
  •  Member of the committee overseeing the display screens, 13 march 2016.
  •  member of Quality Assurance Department:

a- responsible for students questionnaire

b- head of training and technical support unit

  •  rapporteur of scientific committee .
  • rapporteur of committee for interviews ans scientific opinion.
  • rapporteur of BIT dept. from 1/2018 till 1/8/2018
  • Chairman of the committee for preparation of course description since 12/10/2017 ongoing.
  • member of the committee of follow the cleanliness of study halls.
  • member of the committee of data entering in study systems and its curriculum and vocabulary.
  • member of the examination committee of  ISM dept.
  • member of the committee of national classification project
  • member of the committee of test books correction.
  • technical officer of BIC_BIT_LAB1
  • member of the committee of preparation of student manual guide.
  • helding a workshop about (Good Laboratory practice ).
  • member of the committee checking and updating the college curriculum.
  1. "Maximal Itemsets Mining Algorithm Based on Bees Algorithm",  IEEE XPLORE DIGITAL LIBRARY, NTICT conference 2017, UOITC.

  2.  "Lossy Compression of Hyperspectral Images Using Real-Time Technique",  accepted for final publication in Journal of Engineering and Applied Science on 11 Dec. 2018.

  3. "Development of  a Modifier Ear Recognition System for personnel Identification", to be published.

  4. "A New Implementation for Maximal Itemsets Miner Using Oracle 11g PL/SQL", to be published.

  5. "study the effect of social media on Iraqi sociaty using data mining techniques", on progress.

  6. "social media mining", on progress.

  7.  more in mind.


Meetings attended:

  • Participate in NTICT’2017 annual conference on New Trends in Information &Communications Technology Applications 79 March 2017.
  • Attend all the workshops held at the university.
  • Attend all the Seminars held at the university and informatics college.
  • attend NTICT’2018 annual conference on New Trends in Information &Communications Technology Applications 2-3 Oct 2018

      Development courses:

       Participation in

  •  Methods of teaching course, in Al-Mustansirya University from 6/3/2016 till 20/3/2016.
  • Course in E-Learning (Moodle Program), in College of Business Informatics, 11/5/2016 till 20/5/2016.
  • Teaching authority test, in UOITC, 31/5/2016.
  • Asp.net course, held in UOITC, from 8/5/2016 till 9/6/2016.