Faculty Vitae

Dr. Mohammad Kassim Mohammed

  • 2011: Doctor of Philosophy in Information and Technology ( Computer Science), National university of radioelectroniks  , Kharkov – Ukraine .
  • 2007: Master in Software Engineering  (Computer Science), National Technical University  , Kharkov – Ukraine.
  • 2004: Bachelor in Computer Science,  Al-Mustansiriya University,  Baghdad

. 1999: Baccalaureate, Scientific, Al-Markazia, Baghdad – Iraq.

  •  2016:  Head of department of registration and Student Affairs/ UOITC
  • 2016: Lecturer in  ITB College/ UOITC.
  • System analysis and design (First year).
  • OOP by Python (second year).
  • 2017: Lecturer in Dijlah University College / computer science
  • . Programming by Visual Basic (Third stage)

   . Operating system (Forth stage)

2018Lecturer in Dijlah University College / Computer Engineering/ Information Theory and Coding Subject

  • 2015: Oldest teacher in the Computer School / Ministry Of Defense.
  • 2013: Director of Human Resources and payroll system / MOD
  • 2012: Director of Information Security Division / MOD

. 2004: Associate Director of software Department / MOD

. Certifications of Reviewing for International Conference on Advance of Sustainable Engineerin and its Application(ICASEA|2018), College of Engineering, University of Wasit, Wasit, Iraq.

. Certifications of Reviewing for international Conference of UOITC 2017 - Baghdad Iraq.

. Membership Scientific Committee in international Conference of UOITC 2017 - Baghdad Iraq.

. . Membership Scientific Committee in international Conference of UOITC 2018 Baghdad Iraq.

. Membership Scientific Committee in international Conference in Kharkov  university notional of radio Electronic 2018 Ukraine. 

  • 2015: Defense Minister
  • 2017: Interior Minster
  • 2017: President of University of IT and Communication (3)

. 2017: President of University of Human Development

. 2018: Interior Minster

. 2018: President of University of IT and Communication (4)

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