Faculty Vitae

Muneer Sameer Gheni Mansoor

B.Sc:   Mathematics Science\ University  Of Baghdad\ Iraq - 2002.

M.Sc:  Fundamental informatics and information technology\ South Ural State University (national research university)\ Russian Federation - 2015

1. (External Lecturer)-Department of Computer Sciences-College of Education for Pure Science (Ibn Al-Haitham)\ University of Baghdad-Baghdad-Iraq\ Computer Organization, Data Structures (Lab).\ 2015-2017.

2. (Lecturer)-College of Engineering\ University of Information Technology and Communications-Baghdad-Iraq\ Engineering Drawing, Digital Systems Design (Lab), Programming with C++ Language (Lab) II, Electronics I (Lab), Object Oriented Programming I (Lab), Mathematics I.\ 2017-Now.

2004-2006:  Computer Operator/ Industrial Bank/ Ministry of Finance. Baghdad-Iraq.

2006-2013:  Information Technology Commissioner Emergency Regiment/ Eighth Baghdad Emergency Regiment/ Ministry of Interior. Baghdad-Iraq.

2016-2017:  Administrative/ Research and Development Department/ University of Information Technology and Communication. Baghdad-Iraq.

2018- till now:  Rapporteur/ Computer Communication Engineering Department/ Collage of Engineering/ University of Information Technology and Communication. Baghdad-Iraq.

2004-2005: Standard Computing Fundamentals
2005:           Advanced Access
2005:           MS-Project
2007:           Basic Tournament For Facilities Protection/ Ministry Of Interior/ MOI
2008:           Police Commissioner Course - Eighth Degree, Seventh Batch
2010:           The Inevitable Police Commissioner Course For Upgrade Rank
2013:           Police Ethics Course, Second Batch
2013:           Police Development Course, Third Batch
2011:            Internet Core Competency Certification (IC3)
2014:           Galileo Basics and Reservation Course

2016-2017:       Development Center for Studies and Training

2018-till now:  Iraqi Academics Syndicate

Research Title: The Choice of Methods and Tools to Implement the Database and the Web Interface

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 13(18): 7618-7623, 2018