Faculty Vitae


PhD      Communication Engineering         University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) / 2014

MSc.     Communication Engineering         University of Technology Baghdad-Iraq /2001

BSc.      Electronic and Communication     University of Technology Baghdad-Iraq/ 1998



2004-2005     Lecturer    College of Electrical and Elec­tronic Technologies / Baghdad-Iraq.

2005-2006    Lecturer      Dijlah University College / Baghdad-Iraq.

2007-2010     Lecturer     AlSALAM University College (Arabic: كلية السلام الجامعة‎‎) / Baghdad-Iraq.

2014-2016      Lecturer     Al-BANI University College / Baghdad-Iraq.

2016-2018      Lecturer     Dijlah University College - Baghdad-Iraq.

2017-2019      Lecturer     University of Information Technology and Communication- Collage of Engineering- Media Technology                                                                                 Engineering Department

2019-now    Head of Intelligent Medical Systems Department / College of Biomedical Informatics / University of Information Technology and  Communications


1998-2001          Msc. student              University of Technology       

2002-2003        Senior Engineer        Research and development Communication center / Baghdad-Iraq.

2003-2007        IT engineer                 Sinaa Street, zahrat al basheer    الصناعة شارع - Baghdad, Iraq

2004-2016        Chief Engineer            Ministry of Science and Technology / Baghdad-Iraq

2010- 2014        Phd.  student               UniMAP (Universiti Malaysia Perlis) / Malaysia

  • ICDL (International Computer Driving License) (Certification).

  • IT Essentials I: (PC Hardware and Software v4.0) (Certification) Cisco Networking Academy.

  • IT Essentials II: (Network Operating Systems Version 3.0 (Certification) Cisco Networking Academy.

  • Management of Information Technology: TARGET company for            

  • Training and Consulting, Lebanon-Beirut.

MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) in the following subject: -           

  • Microsoft Windows server 2003 (Managing and Maintaining).

  • Microsoft Windows server 2003 Active Directory (Planning, Implementing and Maintaining).

  • Microsoft Exchange server 2003 (Implementing and Managing).

  • Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration ISA Server 2004.

  • Iraqi Engineers Union


  1. Silver medal        UniMAP Design Expo & Research Exhibition 2013 at 11 January 2013.

  2. Bronze medal     UniMAP Design Expo & Research Exhibition 2014.

  3. Bronze medal as best presenter  International Postgraduate Conference On Engineering                                                                        and Management 2014 (IPCEM2014).

  4. Ministry of Science and Technology Shield (2015).

  5. THANKS AND APPRECIATION from International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering IEEE 2018
    Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

1- Member of Smart Cities Center.

2- Lecturer  in Dijlah University College - Baghdad-Iraq

Published (International Journal)


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  12. N. A. Al-Shareefi et al., "A study in OCS millimeter-wave generation using two parallel DD-MZMs," in 2013 IEEE 11th Malaysia International Conference on Communications (MICC), 2013, pp. 418-421: IEEE.


        - Reviewer and section editor, Iraqi journal of computer and informatics.

        - Reviewer, ETRI Journal - Wiley Online Library.

        - Reviewer, Journal of Modern Optics - Taylor & Francis.

        - Reviewer, Journal of Optical Communications, De Gruyter.

         -Reviewer, Progress In Electromagnetics Research (PIER).

           -Reviewer, Alexandria Engineering Journal


 Fields of Research Expertise / Interests:

 60-GHz Millimeter-wave Generation, 5th generation wireless systems,

  • Radio-over-Fiber, Optical Fiber Communication.

  • 5th generation Cellular systems.

  • - Communication Engineering Skills:


    60 GHz wireless Gigabit Ethernet communication system.

  • Mobile Cellular Communication.

  • Professional Wireless Intercom BTR1 receiver

  • Win Radio 3700 Computer communication receiver

  • - Software Skills:

  • Software Languages: Visual Basic.NET, MATLAB & Simulink, Turbo C++.

  • Software packages: OptiSys 9.0, Cisco Packet tracer 7.0.