Faculty Vitae

Raghad Baker

1995-1998   Al-Resala for Girls in the scientific section (Secondary School)-IRAQ 

1998-2002   Bachelor of Computer Science/ Information Systems- University of Technology-IRAQ

2012-2014   Master of Computer Information Systems - University of Near East/ NORTH CYPRUS-TURKEY


University of Information Technology and Communications- IRAQ, 2015, March - Now.

 1.  I had held positions as chief of section in 2015.

2. I'm teaching some courses(Object-oriented programming in java level I &II and system analysis) for undergraduate students in College of Businesses Informatics – 2015  till now

3.  I was a member of the Informatics Institute for Postgraduate Studies in 2016.

4. I was a member of E-learning team in Informatics Institute during 2016.

5. I was a  member of Examination Committee in Informatics Institute in 2016.

 6. I was a rapporteur of Informatics Institute’s Council in 2016.

7.   Now I  am a member of College of Businesses Informatics from 2017 till now.


 Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics (ICCI), 2002 – 2015, March 

1.  I used to work as an Ass. Programmer, a Programmer and then became a senior programmer. In this period, I  developed ( analyzed, designed, and programmed) some applications (windows and web applications) by using Oracle (as team leader) like

Education-day system for Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research- IRAQ (windows application) -2006

Library system -2007

-E-library system (windows and web application) -2008

-E-documentation system (windows application) -2008

2. I also lectured different courses in various programming languages at different Companies, such as Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research & Public Retirement Office.

3.  I have held many positions as chief of section.

4.  I shared in many research teams, for example

GIS team 

Security team found out solutions for problems which relates to security situations and it is partially fulfilled in Arad wino course.

5. I gave a seminar in College Of Engineering/ University Of Baghdad entitle “A comparison of the most important data bases”- 2012.

·      A group of courses - level 1 (Windows 98, word, excel. PowerPoint, access and internet) from the department of training/ ICCI- 2002

·      A group of courses - level 2 (Autocad, coral draw, 3#d Max, Photoshop, abode premier and front page) from the department of training/ ICCI -2003.

·      GIS – level 1 from The Ministry of Planning/ Quds School for electronic calculators- 2007.

·      GIS - level 2 from ICCI-2007.

·      Basic of Linux with Centos Operating from the department of training/ University of Baghdad -2008.

·      IC3 from Certiport, INC- 2010.

·      Visual Studio 2008 (Microsoft certificate) -2011.

·       Programming ASP.NET 2.0& VB.NET (web application) from ICCI- 2011.

·      English language /Adult Intermediate from Oxford Language Center- 2012.

·      Android Certified Application Developer from New Horizons – 2014.

·      Cavus, N.  & Baker, R. (2014). Mobile Technologies and English Language. Downloaded from https://www.amazon.com/Mobile-Technologies-English-Language-Nadire/dp/363966096X?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

·      Baker, R. & Razzaq, R. (2016). A prototype of Requesting a Taxi by Mobile Application in Iraq, the international fourth scientific conference entitled" Promising Technology for Best Future", University of Kerbala, College of Science in Iraq.

·      Baker, R (2018). Complaint Monitoring System Using Android in Iraq, Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Al-Qadisiyah.