Faculty Vitae

Alaa Hamza Omran

BSc. Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, Baghdad University, June 2012.

MSc. Electronics and Communication/Computer Engineer, Baghdad University, May 2015.

Baghdad University, Engineering College, Computer Department, External Lecturer October 2013- June 2015, Java Lab.

Baghdad University, Engineering College, Computer Department, External Lecturer October 2013- June 2016, Network Theoretical and Lab.

Administrator on to Graduation Project.

  1. Operating Systems: MS DOS & Windows XP / Vista / win7.
  2. Microsoft Office: 2003, 2007, 2010 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, outlook express and publisher).
  3. Practice on DHCP in a windows server 2003 in the department labs.
  4. Practice on a real network and a real router (cisco router) in the department Labs. 
  5. Programming Language: Android Programming/ C++ / Java /and Assembly.
  6. Database: Microsoft Access.
  7. Connecting java with Microsoft Access.
  8. Web page design using HTML, PHP/MYSQL, CSS and JavaScript.
  9. PIC Microcontroller Programming using Micro C compiler.
  10. Serial port and parallel port interface with Microprocessor.
  11. Computer maintenance.
  12. MATLAB.
  13. Proteus electronic Design.
  14. Electronic Workbench.
  15. Internet and Email services.
  16. Photoshop CS5 (little).


2012: IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification).

2012: Certificate of Appreciation Forum Baghdad University E-Learning.

2011: Certificate of participation at the Festival of sovereignty scientific.

2016: Development of administrative cadres.

2012: TOEFL ITP.

2011: CCNA Exploration (Network Fundamentals).

2016: Certificate of PHP and PHP Advance.

2016: Certificate of Method of Teaching Section

2016: Certificate of Administrative development

2018: Certificate of CCNA (CISCO Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching)

  1. ALESCO Mobile APPS Award/ at the level of the Republic of Iraq
  2. Gratitude and appreciation from Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  3. Gratitude and appreciation from President of University of Baghdad 
  4. Gratitude and appreciation from President of University of Baghdad
  5. Gratitude and appreciation from President of University of Information Technology and Communication 
  6. Gratitude and appreciation from Dean of Business Informatics College 
  7. Gratitude and appreciation from President of Engineering College 
  8. Gratitude and appreciation from President of University of Information Technology and Communication 
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