Faculty Vitae

Azza Hazem

BSc  Dept. Statistics- Administration and Economic College - M0sul University

MSc -Dept. Statistics- College of computers and mathematical sciences -M0sul University

Principles of Computer- Administration and Economics -2005-2006

Queuing Theory -Dept. - Programming engineer- 2006-2007

System analysis& database-Dept of Statistics-2007-2011

Neural networks -Dept of Statistics- 201-2013

Structured programming- dept of Operation research & Intelligent Techniques -2012-2014

Mathematics 2018-2019

Statistics and Probability 2018-2019

Dean of Mosul University/ Iraq 2010

technical Institute /Iraq 2010

Dean of Administration and Economics  2013

Dean of Mosul University/ Iraq 2013

  • The use of neural networks in forecasting of time series with Application on Consumption of Electrical Power in Nenavah Governe-rate- No. 8- 2005
  • Iraqi journal of statistical sciences Comparison between adaptive depuration and neural networks with Applications No. 9 - 2005- Iraqi journal of statistical sciences
  • Use neural networks to forecasting Exponential Time Series-No. 13- 2008
  • Iraqi journal of statistical sciences The use of artificial neural networks in multiple linear regression analysis -2009
  • Tanimate Al-Rafedeen Journal  / College of  Administration and Economics Scheduling the event in the simulation systems with intermittent incidents experimentation queuing systems-2009-Second Scientific Conference of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Comparison between artificial neural networks and least-squares linear and nonlinear models- 2011-Iraqi journal of statistical sc Iraqi journal of statistical sciences Modeling software system to verify the identity through iris- No. 22 - 2012
  • Iraqi journal of statistical sciences Modeling software system for e-government with the application on a fingerprint 2012- Business Intelligent and Knowledge Economy/ Jordan
  • E-learning and the active role the level of university education-2013-Conference of computer and Internet center