Faculty Vitae

Dr.Jane Jaleel Stephan


  • Ph.D. : in Computer Science &Information Systems-Computer and Information Systems Department- University of technology  (1999. (

  Thesis Title “ A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Image Segmentation”.

  • M.Sc. : in  Computer Science-Computer Science Department-College of Science-Baghdad University (1992).

 Thesis Title “ Certainty Factor Based Expert System for Diagnosing Recurrent abdominal pain".

  • High Diploma : in Computer  Science Application- Control Engineering and Systems Department-University of Technology (1979).

Project Title “ A General Purpose Syntax-Directed Parser for Context-Free languages”.

  •  B.Sc. In Statistics-College of Administration and Economics-Baghdad University- 1976



Supervision of Graduate and  Postgraduate students


    PH.D. Student:-  (11)

    M.Sc. Student:-   (49)

    High Diploma Student:- (49)

    B.Sc. Student (31)

Membership of Scientific Society

    • Member in TOFEQ  Society (2009-2010)
    • Membership’s in Iraqi Computer Society ( 1995-2006)
      • Member of the Preparatory Committee for Iraqi Association for Information Technology

Membership of Local Scientific Journals

      • Chief of Editor of Iraqi Journal For Computers and Informatics (2013-2015(  
      • Member Of Editorial Board of Iraqi Journal For Computers Communication and Control Engineering / University of Technology (2009-continue)
      • Member Of Editorial Board of Electronic Computers Journal-Baghdad-Iraq(1993-1995)

Scientific Discussion Committees

  • Participation in about (379) scientific committees for theses discussion Postgraduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) students
  • Participation in about (70) Scientific committees for project discussion (High Diploma).
  • Published Books   
  • Published Books (2) in computer science for secondary Schools.
  • Published Research

  • Published (55) papers in Iraqi and International Journals and Conferences.
  • Scientific  Researches Evaluation

    • Evaluate researches for publishing in scientific journals and conferences.
  • Evaluate researches for promotion academic staffs (University Of Technology, Al-Mustansyria University , Baghdad University, AL-Nahrain University, Al-Rafidain University College, AL- Mansour University College, Dyala University)


  • Full-Time Lecturer teaching experience In Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics/ Informatics Institute For Postgraduate Studies.
  • Part-Time Lecturer teaching experience in Baghdad University, University of Technology, Al-Rafidain University College, Al-Mansour University College.

a-For Postgraduate studies (Ph.D. Courses in Computer Science)

      Distributed Operating System

   b-For Postgraduate studies(M.Sc. courses in Computer Science, M.Sc.

       courses in Computer Engineering)

     Object-oriented programming , Genetic Algorithms , Distributed

     operating systems , Software  engineering,  Advanced Computer Security

     Image processing, advanced  Artificial Intelligent, Multimedia design and authoring, Human Computer Interaction, Distributed Systems.


c-For postgraduate studies(High diploma courses in Computer Science, Multimedia Techniques, Website Technique)

  Programmng techniques , Introduction in computer science & information ,  PASCAL Programming Language , C/ Programming Language , Artificial Intelligence ,  Image processing , Databases Systems , Expert  systems, Web Site Security , multimedia security, Multimedia design and authoring, Distributed Database Management Systems, Distributed Operating System, Pattern Recognition and Human Computer Interaction, Distributed System, Advanced Computer Security, Multimedia Applications.



  • Member of Board of University of Information Technology and Communications.
  • Member of the Central Scientific Committee at the University of Information Technology and Communications.
  • Membership of a committee to build a national network for research and

education in Iraq

  • Chairman of the Organizational Structure Completion Committee at the University of Information Technology and Communications.
  • Member of the Board of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance
  • Membership of the committee to work on the implementation of the Bologna process
  • Managing Editor Of "Iraqi Journal of Computer and Informatics"
  • Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the preparation of the Iraqi Information Society Forum 2018
  • Chairman of the Committee for the achievement of descriptive administrative and scientific description of the University of Information Technology and Communications
  • Chairman of the committee to interview applicants who transfer their services from the state departments to the University of Information Technology and Communications
  • Chairman of the committee to prepare the first annual exhibition between the Rehabilitation and Employment Division and the software exhibition for the fourth class of the College of Business Information
  • Committee Chairman of Appointment (2015-cont.)
  • Chairman of Study Permission Committee in University of Information Technology and Communication
  • Committee Chairman of Organizational and Functional Structure Setting
  • Chairman of the Labor Market Commission (2015-cont.)
  • Member of the permanent ministerial committee for the evaluation of scientific journals
  • Member of the Ministerial Committee for the implementation of the Bologna Process.
  • Member of the Ministerial Committee to activate and select the systems to be applied in governmental universities.
  • Preparatory Committee Member For the Annual Conference of University with Springer (NTICT 2018)
  • Preparatory Committee Member For the Annual Conference of University with IEEE (NTICT 2017)
  • Committee Chairman of Library Management System Activation "KOHA"
  • Committee Member of Teaching Ability Test
  • Committee  Member of Title Unification Study for the Software Engineering Scientific Departments
  • Committee Chairman of  Dispatch Committee in University of Information Technology and Communication

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