Faculty Vitae

Dr.Haitham S. Hasan


Lecturer at al Yarmouk University College (2007-2009) part time

Lecture at al Mansour University College.(2005-2008).

Lecturer at University of Information Technology and Communication College of Business Informatics.2016 till





Letter of thanks from the president of the University of Information Technology and Communication .

•    A letter of appreciation from the Dean of the College of Business informatics.


  • Haitham Hasan , Sameem Abdul Kareem, "Fingerprint Image Enhancement and Recognition Algorithms", Neural Computing & Applications-Accepted (ISI-Cited Publication) Q3,2013
  • Haitham Al Azawee, Sabah Husien, Mohd Amin Mohd Yunus “Encryption function on artificial neural network”, Neural Computing & Applications-Accepted (ISI-Cited Publication) Q3,2016
  • Omran Al-Shamma1* Rashid Ali2 Haitham S. Hasan1 “AN INSTRUCTIVE ALGORITHM FOR AIRCRAFT ELEVATOR SIZING TO BE USED IN PRELIMINARY AIRCRAFT DESIGN SOFTWARE” Journal of Applied Science (Scopus).Vol 15, Number 4,2018
  • Omran Al-Shamma,Rashid Ali,Haitham Sabah “Programmable Aileron Sizing Algorithm for Use in Preliminary Aircraft Design Software”, Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. (Scopus).2017

Methods of Teaching course . 2016.

Course of PHP Language. 2016