Faculty Vitae

Mayahsa Mohammedali Abdulhadi

 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), The University of Manchester,  Manchester, Microwave and Communications Engineering, U.K., 2008 – 2012. 

Master of Science Degree, The University of Manchester, Communication Engineering ( Optical Communication ), Manchester, U.K., 2006 – 2007

Bachelor Degree, Electrical & Electronic/ Communication Engineering, Seventh of April University,  Sabratha/Libya, 1998-2002

Sabratha Secondary School,  Sabratha, Libya, 1996-1998

Alaqida High School,  Baghdad, Iraq , 1992-1996

Almakaseb Primary School,  Baghdad, Iraq , 1986-1992

Collage of Engineering, Technology and Communication Engineering Department, Baghdad, Iraq

Lecturer  (Present)

Information Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IIPS), Baghdad, Iraq

Responsible of the postgraduate studies division (2016-2019)

Duties and skills:

Responsible for the administration electronic application for students

Giving Lectures for the postgraduate student (Information retrieval and web search)

AlIsraa University (IIPS), Baghdad, Iraq

Duties and skills:

Lecturer (2014-2016)

The University of Manchester, Manchester, U.K

Project Mentor,Teacher Assistant, 2009-2012

Duties and skills: Teaching and assisting the students with: Their final year dissertations, MSc and PhD laboratories, supervising and providing the theoretical guidance’s material to the students. Past Membership Officer in Manchester IEEE student branch. Organizing seminar and lectures and inviting speakers from outside of the University to encourage students to broaden their knowledge outside their mandatory subjects. Organising and supervising of the EDS Mini-Colloquium Held in Manchester. Excellent Knowledge in Agilent Vee, Agilent ADS and IC-CAP.

Seventh of April University, Aujielat, Libya

Lecturer- Winter – Autumn 2008

Duties and skills: Giving lectures in the subject of Computer Applications.

Eastserve, Beswick, Manchester, U.K.

Help Desk Analysis, Work placement/Training, Winter 2006

Duties and skills: Analysing the problem over the phone, Fixing PC's (Hardware and Software), setting email and broadband accounts.

AL-Nafida Technology & Information Centre, Alzawia/Libya

Electronic Engineer Assistant, 2003-2004

Duties and skills: Computer maintenance, supervising the Internet services and teaching computer basic courses to the learners, formatting/reinstalling the required programmes onto the computers.