Faculty Vitae

Reem Ibrahim Hasan

2013-2015 University of Besancon-France Master degree in Networks and Distributed Systems Modules included: Distributed systems, distributed algorithms, optimization and complexity, test, advanced networks, programmes of distributed applications, compilation, software engineering, combinatorial algorithms, client-server systems, AI, programmes of multi cores mobile, programmes of advanced functions, and modulation- interfacesuser. Dissertation: Chloroplast genomes that are being studied, which consist of hundreds of genes in common that lead to (2100) possible subsets, and potentially lots of trees. In fact testing all of them is something impossible. A genetic algorithm approach has already been implemented to find large subsets of genes that lead to a very well tolerant tree. However, this algorithm remains rudimentary in the choices: crossover, mutation, and selection. This research proposes an approach like "a particle swarm”, with other alternatives and to compare the achieved results by using the genetic algorithm.

2004-2008 Al-Rafidain University College B.Sc degree in Software Engineering Science Modules included: Digital design, structured programming, simulation, graphics, OS, networks, expert system, windows programming, informatic, data structure, system analysis and design, AI, computer architecture, security, mathematics, oriented software engineering, and advanced algorithm design.

2016-present lecturer at Al Iraqia University – Engineering Collage, Network engineering department, present lectures in network security and  parallel processing for the fourth level grade.

Web application programmer in at the University Information Technology and Communications (UOITC) and a member of the academic journal team (IJCI) of UOITC

For teaching purposes, I have extensive experience in programming client server in C, multi threading in JAVA, Methods of AI in Prolog, and simple games in Android.

Programming: as a programmer of web applications.

Translation:  Team supporter of the university website in English, I have a useful experience in translating the events of the university in English.


Technology :I have useful knowledge in programming of web application using (VB.NET+SQL Server). presenting courses in the Training Department in UOITC.

2018-2019 “Using Point Pattern Analysis Techniques to Describe Spatial Arrangement of Date Palm Trees in Iraq” Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol 14, Issue 12.


2017-2018 "Using Random Forest Algorithm for Clustering" Medwell Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Accepted on May 2018. 2017-2018 "Using Point Pattern Analysis Techniques to Describe Spatial Arrangement of Points in Images" IJIRCCE, Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2018.

2017-2018 "Cipher Secret Image Using Hybrid Visual Cryptography" ARPN VOL. 13, NO. 3, FEBRUARY 2018.

2015-2016 "a binary particle swarm algorithm with a simple mutation operator for solving phylogenies problems" NSDS2015 conference in Iraq.

2014-2015 "well supported phylogenies using largest subset of core-genes by discrete particle swarm optimization" CIBB2015 conference in Italy.