Loay E. George

Faculty: Presidency of university
Position: Vice President for Scientific Affairs
Title: Assistant professor
Qualifications: Ph. D.
Email: [email protected]


Title Citation Year
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Ph.D in image processing from Baghdad University/College of Science (1997)

M.Sc in Physics/Solid State from Baghdad University/College of Science (1982)

B.Sc in physics from Baghdad University/College of Science (1997)

He was a member of teaching staff in college of science/ Baghdad University, Iraq.

Currently working as assistant of UoITC President for Scientific Affairs

The My main research concerns are: (1) Digital Multimedia Processing; (2) Coding (encryption, digital signature, data compression, representation); (3) Pattern Recognition & Classification; 4) Fast Strings Processing and Analysis; 5) Biometrics; 6) Visual Based application.

1. Developing different software applications, (e.g., auto-navigation system, simulators, optical mark recognition system, documentation & archiving systems, camera tracker) using different sostware developmeny tools.

2. Has good experience in Coding, Watermarking, In formation hiding.

3. Has experience in GIS, GPS, Artificial Satellite Dynamics,  Guiding systems based on GPS and image processing.

4. Has good experience in machine learning applications.