Sanaa Ahmed Kadhim

Faculty: Medical Informatics
Position: None
Title: Assistant professor
Qualifications: Ph. D.
Email: [email protected]


Title Citation Year
A proposed method for encrypting and sending confidential data using polynomials
SA Kadhim, SAA abdual Rahman
Global Journal of Engineering and Technology Advances 8 (2), 082-087, 2021
Preventing Unauthorized Access to Special Applications using Signed Audio
SA Kadhim, SAAA Rahman
A Proposed Method for Image Verification by Encrypted Hidden Text using a Chaotic Polynomial and Random Locations
SAAA Rahman, SA Kadhim
Technology 9 (13), 1960-1968, 2019
A review on chaotic cryptosystems for digital speech communication
SS Ahmed, SA Kadhim
Journal of Al-Ma'moon College 1 (39), 182-201, 2023
A Six-Dimensional Hyperchaotic Pseudorandom Sequence for Enhanced Voice Encryption.
EH Haseeb, SA Kadhim, AS Mahmood
Ing�nierie des Syst�mes d'Information 28 (4), 2023
A Survey on Speech Encryption Using Chaos Map
EH Haseeb, SA Kadhim, AS Mahmood
2022 Fifth College of Science International Conference of Recent Trends in�…, 2022
Autherizing Audio Remote Access using Encoded Hidden Data
SA Kadhim, SA Azize
Journal Of AL-Turath University College 2 (33), 2022
The Developments of Western political thought in light of the Corona virus
DSK Kate’a, AK Saleh
Journal of Anbar University for Law and Political Sciences 11 (2), 493-544, 2021
A new approach for watermarking products with the buyer’s name to prevent fraud
SAA abdual Rahman, SA Kadhim
Global Journal of Engineering and Technology Advances 8 (02), 076-081, 2021

BSc. computer science , Al Nahreen University

MSc. computer science, data security, University of Technology

Ph.D. computer science, University of Technology

2002-2008 , Lecturer, Amman , Jordan

2008-2010 , Lecturer, Oman, Barka

2010- Feb 2023, Lecturer , Al mamoon University college, Iraq

Feb 2023 - till now , Lecturer, Biomedical Informatic college, Iraq

CCNA, Amman , Jordan

A+ ,  Amman , Jordan , Amman , Jordan

Reviewr of many papers in and out side Iraq, parti...