Faculty: Presidency of university
Position: President of the university
Title: Professor
Qualifications: Ph. D.
Email: [email protected]


Title Citation Year
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Ph.D. in Computer Science / major in artificial intelligence / Computer Science department / University of Technology. Dissertation title: (Expert Systems Development using Knowledge Agent).

MS.C. in Computer Science / major in artificial intelligence / Computer Science department / University of Babylon.

Thesis title: (Design a prototype expert system shell for some medical diagnosis ).

B.Sc. in Computer Science / Department of Computer Science / University of Technology.

The most important subjects that were taught 

  • Intelligent Agent (PhD courses).
  • Advanced Parallel Processing (PhD courses).
  • Petri Nets (MSc courses).
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (MSc and PhD courses).
  • Artificial Intelligence (third class) (theoretical & practical).
  • Compiler Design (third class) (theoretical & practical)
  • Microprocessors (second classes) (theoretical & practical)
  • Software Development (second class) (theoretical & practical) The research project during 1999-2013
  • CAD/CAM simulation project. ? Finding the optimal path using AI algorithms.
  • Patron recognition using neural networks.
  • Expert system in urology.
  • knowledge acquisition using knowledge agent.
  • knowledge base development using nero-fuzzy system.
  • Choosing the based cover image using stego-agent.
  • Using intelligent agent for expert systems development.
  • Design Petri Net model for correcting stage in TMQ. ? Design and implement a logic design simulation system.
  • Implement (integ-E-commerce) system.
  • Design and Implement domain expert share agent.
  • Design and Implement Agent Based Data mining System Design and Implement e-Audit system for Quality Assurance in Babylon University.
  • Handling insufficient Data for a Data Mining System.
  • Using Fuzzy Clustering for MRI Images. Funding Agency for the research project: Ministry of Higher Education (University of Babylon / Iraq / Babylon)

  • Steering Committee member in WORDCOM World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing Congress over 8 conferences in IT, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, USA.
  • Program chair for the (ICCM, NCM, and ICNIT) International conferences, South Korea. Selected with 22 international scientists over 600 specialists in the IT Scholar's Biography book published in South Korea 2012.
  • Special Session proposal in the WILKES100 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTING SCIENCES (ICCS) 15-16 November 2013, Elsevier, 2013.
  • Editor in chief (Topic: Intelligent Computing): International Journal of Network Computing and Advanced Information Management (IJNCM).
  • Committee member in the international conference in Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering(FECS), Las Vegas, USA. Program committee member in the ICT Innovations Conference(Springer), OHRID, MACEDONIA.
  • Editor Committee member in the Digital Contents and Applications(DCA) International Conference (Springer), AUSTRALIA Editor in the: (Journal of Convergence Information Technology JCIT)
  • Editor in the (Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences AISS Journal)
  • Editor in the (Journal of Next Generation Information Technology JNIT)
  • Editor in the (International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology IJACT)
  • Editor in the (International Journal of Intelligent Information Processing IJIIP)
  • Scientific committee member in the International Association for Information, Culture, Human and Industry Technology AICIT
  • Scientific member committee in the International conference on new trends in information science and services sciences NISS.
  • Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Association of Colleges of Computing and Information - Iraq Branch (ICCIS).
  • Technical committee member of The International Arab Conference on Information Technology ACIT
  • Scientific member in the program committee of International Conference on Next Generation Information Technology ICNIT.
  • Scientific member in the program committee The International Conference on Data Mining and Intelligent Information Technology Applications(ICMIA)
  • Program chair in the 8th ICCM: 2012 International Conference on Computing Technology and Information Management.
  • Program chair in the 3rd ICNIT: 2012 International Conference on Next Generation Information Technology Technical committee member in the International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education(IACQA).
  • Scientific committee member of the International Conference in sciences of Electronics, technologies of Information and telecommunications (SETIT). Evaluate more than 200 international papers

  • Jun 2014 – until now President of the University of Information Technology and Communications (UoITC), Baghdad, Iraq
  • August 2013 – Jun 2014 Dean of Faculty of Math and Computer Science /University of Kufa – IRAQ.
  • February 2010 – August 2013 Deputy Dean of Information Technology College/ Babylon University/Iraq.
  • August 2005 – February 2010 Head of Computer Science Department /College of Science / Babylon University/ Iraq.
  • September 2004- August 2005 Head of Planning Dept. / Babylon University.
  • October 1998- November 2001 Head assistant of Computer Science Department / Babylon University.
  • October 1994- December 1996 Head of the team of computer maintenance / Babylon University
  • March 1991- July 1993 Manager assistant of Computer Center Department / Mechanical Company