Mustafa Khalid Saleh

Faculty: Engineering
Position: None
Title: Assistant lecturer
Qualifications: MSc
Email: [email protected]


Title Citation Year
Using AntConc: a corpus-based tool, to investigate and analyse the keywords in Dickens’ novel ‘A Tale of Two Cities’
M Al-Rawi
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The validity of CDA as a means of “uncovering” the ideologies implicit in discourse
MKS Al-Rawi
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Theoretical analysis of Political Correctness Views
MK Al-Rawi
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A Construal-Based Approach to Arabic Tenses
MK Saleh, AH Fatah
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A Construal-Based Approach to English Aspect
MK Saleh, AH Fatah
Journal of Garmian University 10 (2), 1195-1207, 2023
The role of Construal, Gesture and Encyclopaedic Knowledge in linking language with cognition
MKS Al-Rawi
Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) as a tool for language teaching
MKS Al-Rawi
The study and teaching of a language cannot be divorced from its social context.
MKS Al-Rawi