Ghada Emad Kassim

Faculty: Engineering
Position: None
Title: Lecturer
Qualifications: Ph. D.
Email: [email protected]


Title Citation Year
DMAV: Enhanced MAV Link Protocol Using Dynamic DNA Coding for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
SHH Ghada Emad Alkateb
International Journal of online and Biomedical Engineering 18 (11), 13, 2022
D-GIFT: Cryptography Algorithm Development Using Dynamic DNA and a Chaos Map
SHH Ghada Emad Alkateb
Iraqi Journal of Computer, Communication, Control and System Engineering, 2022
A New Approach to Motif Templates Analysis via Compilation Technique
DHKAK Dr. Ghada Emad Alkateb
journal of Al rafidain university college, 29, 2014

Ph.D. in Computer Science /Network Security-Bioinformatics 

delivering lectures