Ahmed Abbas Jasim Alsabbagh

Faculty: Engineering
Position: None
Title: Lecturer
Qualifications: Ph. D.
Email: [email protected]


Title Citation Year
Evaluation of elastic modulus of fiber-reinforced concrete
N Suksawang, S Wtaife, A Alsabbagh
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Using post-cracking strength to determine flexural capacity of ultra-thin whitetopping (UTW) pavements
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Improving Bond Strength of Bonded Concrete Overlay by Adding Synthetic Discrete Fibers.
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Evaluation the Yield and Ultimate Strain of FRC in Compression
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Development of a Design Method for Bonded Concrete Pavement Overlays
A Al Sabbagh
Florida Institute of Technology, 2020
Effect of Fiber on Tensile Bond Strength of Bonded Concrete Overlays
EA Nakin Suksawang, Ahmed Alsabbagh, Salam Wtaife, Alaa Shaban
Structures Congress 2019 (ASCE SEI) in Orlando, Florida, 2019
Effect of Polypropylene Fibers on Serviceability and Ultimate Limit States on Fiber Reinforced Concrete Behavior
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Using PVA to Improve Concrete Behavior during Different Stages of Flexural Test
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Laboratory Investigation for the Effects of Using Fiber Reinforcement in Rigid Pavements on Compressive and Flexural Properties
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Investigating the Effects of Using Crumb Rubber in Hot Mix Asphalt Surface on Skid Resistance Properties
AAM Ahmed Abbas Jasim, Salam Adel Mutliack
International Journal of Advanced Research 1 (7), 423-430, 2013
Using a Rectangular Thick-Plate Model to Determine the Critical Bending Stresses of Ultra-Thin Whitetopping (Utw) Pavements
A Alsabbagh, N Suksawang, A Albogami
Available at SSRN 4529068, 0

  • Ph.D. in Highway & Transportation Engineering

  • Concrete Material Technology
  • Concrete Pavement Overlays
  • Pavement Design & Analysis
  • Geotechnical Engineering